Each article was written either to help those new to motorcycle traveling, to help you with something, or to creatively put you in a place I was with imaginative words.

A motorcycle camping cook book, for free!

Zee Traveler's Master List of US National Lands
(Info) Published May 31, 2021 - This is my personally compiled list of US National Parks, Forests, Monuments, Historical Parks, Wildlife Management Areas, etc to be used for "places to visit".

The Gear List of a Motorcycle Vagabond
(Info) Published July 5th, 2021 - My list of gear for living off of my 1991 Suzuki DR350.

How to Choose a Motorcycle For You (For New to Experienced Riders)
(Info) Published Jan 28, 2021 - A guide into HOW to choose a bike for yourself, not WHAT bike to buy.

Which Motorcycle Podcast Should You Listen To? (All 100 of Them!)
(Info) Published Mar 20, 2020 - The first motorcycle podcast index.

Tips and Tricks to Motorcycle Staying for Free
(Info) Published Sep 13, 2017 - 13 various sources to find places to sleep for free while travel riding.

Beginner's Guide to Moto Camping Gear
(Info) Published Sep 16, 2017 - A basic guide to consider when building your motorcycle camping gear set.

Motorcycle Photography Tips
(Info) Published Nov 2, 2017 - The same professional techniques to improve your photos regurgitated with a motorcycle theme.

The Irresistible Call of the Road
(Creative writing) Published Apr 15, 2020 - Being a traveler during COVID-19, is the topic for this piece.

Ride Report from North Macedonia
(Story telling) Published Dec 19, 2019 - An in-depth write up on my wonderful time spent in North Macedonia.

The Cost to Ride Romania to Austria
(Info) Published Sept 4, 2019 - An expense report covering cost of gas, food, and tolls across 8 European countries. (2019)

What to Bring When Flying Between Motorcycles
(Info) Published Aug 14, 2019 - Here's a list of the things I pack when flying with just a carry-on bag.

The Best Adventure Motorcycle
(Creative writing) Published Jan 8, 2019 - Spoiler alert, it's the bike you already have.

Presently on Beartooth
(Creative writing) Published Jul 25, 2018 - A creative short story about one of my favorite roads, Beartooth.

The Top 8 Scenic Roads... As Far As I've Ridden
(Info) Published Aug 17, 2018 - Maps and a brief summary of my favorite North American roads.

You Take WHAT on Your Motorcycle?!?
(Info) Published Mar 10, 2018 - A complete list of the gear I carry for 4-season, multi-year riding.

Your Motorcycle is Ready To Go, Are You?
(Creative writing) Published Jan 24, 2019 - Your bike wants to ride, what's holding you back?

The Art of Loss, Learned by Motorcycle
(Creative writing) Published Jan 24, 2019 -

All About Whang-od Tattoos for the International Traveler
(Info) Written for the international traveler who wants to visit the famous Mambabatok tattoo artist. (2018)

Why Do You Travel Alone?
(Creative writing)

Financing Yourself as a Vagabond
Published Nov 9, 2017 -

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